DIY: card binder


DIY Card Binder

If you are a hoarder… like myself (with SOME things) then this post will come in handy.

I keep all cards – birthday, anniversary, farewell, just because name it, I have it. Mostly because I have awesome family and friends but I do like to keep cards from all occasions. I have cards from my 16th birthday all the way to my current years that are quickly passing. I have cards from when I left certain companies to move on to bigger and better things and some cards from random memories that I can always go back and reminisce on. What better way than to keep them all together in a portfolio (for lack of better words). All you need is a hole punch and binder rings.. you know incase you keep a card that you no longer what to remember.. get it outta there!! Haha.. I dont know #exboyfriends. Anyway! That’s all you need to make this! Super cute and nifty!

what you need


Step 1: Line up your cards so you can make sure to get the holes and lengths of the cards accurate.

Step 2: I put 2 holes on my cards. I only do 1 at a time since the card stock can be pretty thick. Or if you have a triple hole punch you can get your cards accurate every time. If you do it like I do with a single hole punch make sure you measure each card before hole punching them to get the holes the even amount of distance consistently.

Step 3: Add in your cards and viola! You’re all done. Doesn’t get much easier than that

photo 3photo 2