DIY: beer bottle bracelet holder

photo 5

I’m back! I know it’s been a while but I’ve been busy moving and such but I’m ready to blog some more! I made a couple of beer bottle bracelet holders today. These are so cute and SO easy to make! I first picked up some cute beer bottles..the skinny ones work the best. Miller lite bottles are great. Not that you need an excuse to drink a couple of beers after a long work week but those bracelet holders aren’t going to make themselves empty.. hehe

photo 4

All you need is empty beer bottles (1), sandpaper (2) and spray paint (3).

What to do:

  1. Drink your beer. We don’t waste!! Then clean out your bottles very good as well as soak off any goo from the labels. Goo Gone works great! Remember: If you spray paint with a sticky mess it will show once you put the paint on. Tacky… no pun.
  2. I took a little sandpaper to my bottles to make sure all random debris were off of the bottles and then make sure you wipe them down again. You don’t have to sand them down a ton..just a little.
  3. Start spraying your bottles. You want to coat each bottle evenly and make sure you do several LIGHT coats. Don’t try and spray it so thick it runs. The lighter the coat the quicker it will dry. I went with a glossy finish for mine.
  4. Let dry and start stackin’ those bracelets! I’m definitely going to make more that I can add to the 2 I made today. Different shapes and bottles make for a fun mix-matched look.

BEFORE: Boringggg

photo 1

AFTER: snazzy!

photo 3