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Living Room

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I wanted to do a blog post on my house and the cool items I have found along the way. I love St. Pete for the simple fact they have the cutest and most unique stores to buy the most amazing furniture/decor! It might have taken me a couple of months but finally my apartment is where I pretty much want it to be. Besides the fact, I love decorating – I REALLY love finding cool stuff from local shops (Shop local!!) and on Etsy that are unique to my hometown of.. good ole Durham, North Carolina! Since I don’t get to enjoy NC all the time anymore and it seems like the older I get the more life gets in the way and then before I know it – I realize I haven’t been home in 6 months(Anyway – that could be a whole other blog post..) I like to incorporate as much North Carolina stuff in my home as possible.

l i v i n g  r o o m

Living RoomI wanted to do a neutral sofa since the walls are pre-painted from management a neutral color and then add some color with my pillows and trinkets. This North Carolina pillow I had made from a cute little Etsy shop DreamyWeamy. It was $30 and you can pick the color of chevron, the state and then the heart.  I went with a Carolina blue (naturally) and then a hot pink state(because DUH!) and a yellow heart because my mama’s favorite color is yellow and you know what they always say.. “Home is where your mom is”. So all of those things have some meaning to me and the heart is on my hometown.  The other pillows I found from Marshalls/Home Goods. I woke up one morning and saw on Instagram they posted the “Home is wherever you are” pillow and I immediately had to have it. Perfect colors and print on it for what I needed. It must have been meant to be, because the only Marshalls I stopped in had it! 1 left.. MINE!! It was only $20. The other floral pillows were also Marshalls for $25 for the pair and then I found the LOVE pillow for $16.99 at Home Goods. My table is from a little boutique on Central Ave in St Pete called The Iron Pelican and I am obsessed with their stuff. The owners seriously are the nicest people and they always have their little baby boy in the shop with them and he is adorable. I saw on their facebook page they had this Carolina blue coffee table and it was only $69 – I couldn’t pass it up. My TV stand is also a French provincial style that I bought from another equally cute shop called Paper Street Market. It was $350 and they painted it the color of my choice. I got this a couple of years ago. It was the first real piece of nice furniture I bought.. I felt so grown up. Haha… but really, I did. MY wall behind the cough was something that took the longest because I made most of the stuff up there and it took time to find the right stuff to put up there. At first, I had a Ram head to put up for the main focal point and I found it for $60 at TJ Maxx. I couldn’t hang the freaking thing! I help on to that poor ram head for 2 months before I came to terms with the reality – I couldn’t hang it. I returned it and found this cute skull with gold glittery horns. It was only $40 and could definitely work.  The other stuff – I had some old picture frames and I painted those and cut out on some cute paper the state of NC and wrote ‘Home’ in puff paint on it. The other one says ‘I love you’. I found 2 large picture frames for $20 at TJ Maxx that I knew I could do something with and I bought burlap and painted “mama tried” (Merle Haggard’s famous song – since I love old country and do believe my mama tried 🙂 ) and “bless your heart” on the other. Cheap! The entire project was less than $35 and it’s DIY which I love. I got the yellow frame photo from that vintage shop I mentioned above – The Iron Pelican and it had an old brass looking frame on it that I just  replaced with an old frame that was ugly and I painted it bright yellow. It’s so cute! The “W” I got from Michaels for $3, painted it pink and bam – done! The final piece is the old cabinet door that I painted an arrow and ½ a heart on it. I love “Follow your arrow” quotes/sayings so I painted the heart since at the end of the day we hope our arrows point us to love.. right? Actually typing all this out right now makes me realize my entire living room is about HOME and LOVE. Awwww – I didn’t even realize that. How cute. Haha! On my table – I love to have fresh flowers each week (when I remember to change them out..) and some old 1920’s Cosmopolitan and American Women magazines my dad gave me. Now those are AMAZING to look through. Man, times have changed..

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b e d r o o m

My bedroom is a country/romantic feel with pastels, roses and neutrals. I wanted something girly but mature. My headboard is from Paper Street Market that I got a couple of years ago that is an old mantle. Obsessed with it! ON my mantle are some photo’s, 3 mason jars I painted then roughed up a little with sandpaper and roses from my first dozed TJ gave me and a couple are from my grandaddys photo 2graveside service from 6 years ago, a sign that says “I love you like biscuits and gravy”.  My night stands are also from Paper Street Market that I saw while they were taking my friend Trish and I through the warehouse looking at furniture they just got it. I got them for $69 for both and they even painted them and distressed them to my liking. Steal! On my nightstand’s there are a few special things such as my granddaddys bible I got when he passed, a photo of Nicholas Sparks and I since he is my favorite author and all his stories are based in North Carolina.. and then some random items like a “W”, teal mason jars, and my ihome. I am in search for a vanity for my room now and a dresser for my TV then that room will be all done!

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k i t c h e n

My kitchen is pretty simple since I can’t do much and it’s tiny but I wanted to brighten it up a little. I have a couple of mason jars with candy in them for a quick pick me up, and some other fun trinkets but my favorite thing in my kitchen is this sign beside my stove.

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d i n i n g

My dining room is pretty simple also – I got this farmhouse table from Pier1 Imports and I bought then bench to match it. I wanted some mismatched chairs to go along with it so I found 2 off while chairs for $100 and then 2 ladder back chairs off craigslist for $40. I need to have them re-woven but for now I have burlap seats on them. One of my favorite things in my house is my pistol flower-pot on the middle of the table. I found this old window at a salvage yard for $50 and added some hardware to be able to hang it and I am currently on the hunt for another one for the other wall.

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Some of my other favorite things around my place are..

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  ( I was always told a horse shoe above your door = good luck. One night at the rodeo I found this one.. I knew the horse who lost it must be a gorgeous cinderella horse who lost her shoe because she was with prince charming right before midnight.) haha I kept it just because.. that’s my girl!

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