best booty workout, EVER


happy monday, loves!


I literally have no butt. Never had a butt. I workout, do my cardio on at least a 3.5 incline, squats but really my booty is just barellllllyyyyy there. I go to a ‘body works’ class at my local gym and the past month or so we started doing a new butt workout. I. am. in. love. It’s super easy, you can do it in the gym, your house, whereever you have some place to lay down you can do it. I typically do 25 reps each leg and do 2 – 3 sets. After you do 25 reps per leg then pulse your leg towards to the ceiling for 10 reps.

  • Lay with your arms in the plank position, leg down, toe on the ground.
  • Kick your leg up towards the sky.. 25 reps
  • Now pulse 10 additional reps only coming down a little bit from your leg being extended..

You should feel the burn in your legs, butt, shoulders, arms and abs. Total body workout and great for the booty. For the first time ever I feel like my butt is growing.. on my way to a j-lo backside!! haha ok not really, but goodbye pancake booty!