food prep made E-A-S-Y!


foodI love cooking but I hate doing dishes. I love taking my lunch but I hate preparing it the morning of.

If you are anything like me and feel the same, I have the perfect solution for you. I like to meal prep on Sunday’s normally. sunday funday, right? I always lost my Tupperware lids, hated washing the dishes and probably threw away more than I brought home because they would mold from sitting on my desk for days. Just being honest…


What I’ve started doing and in my opinion I am borderline genius for it is putting my food in a ziplock bag. All you have to do it cook, let it cool and throw in a baggie. EASY! In the morning when you are in a hurry you can grab and go. I typically do eggs with spinach and onions. (All recipes below, FYI.) Chicken and veggies. Quinoa and veggies. Fruit. And a salad mix. Yes, even individual salads. This makes it so easy to eat healthy, cheap, and again, easy.


Chicken, broccoli & onions




  1. in a pan throw in your onion (I like red/purple for bold flavor) chop it anyway you like.
  2. add in olive oil, soy sauce and tony chachere’s seasoning plus a pinch of cayenne pepper.
  3. let the onion cook thoroughly (translucent in color) and then add your broccoli. I then will add a tiny amount of water and put the lid on so it steams and then remove the lid so it starts to almost get a stir fry consistency going on.
  4. in another pan OR empty the veggies into a bowl and use the same pan (I do this, don’t want to waste any flavor!) add in the chicken cutlets. I also add in the seasonings on my chicken as well as a little bit of crushed red pepper. As you can see I like my food spicy and cayenne adds a kick to your metabolism so I always throw some in there too!
  5. once the chicken starts turning white, aka cooking flip each piece over. You’ll see it will cook quickly, I then take 2 forks and shred the chicken. This is so freaking good for some reason. Serious… make you wanna smack yo mama! 😉 Then I add hotsauce (crystal’s or texas pete) to make a buffalo style with a little soy sauce and let it sauté for a couple of minutes to almost make a hibachi type of finish.
  6. mix the veggies and chicken and then once it cools put it on separate ziplock bags. I typically get 5 meals from this. Portion is based on each person…


Egg white mini loaf’s (‘ve posted this before – find it here with other healthy recipes!)

  • Egg whites
  • green/red peppers
  • onions
  • cayenne pepper
  • spinach

*mix together egg whites, spinach, peppers and onions and pur into a muffin tin or mini loaf tin. Sprinkle cayenne pepper on the top. Bake on 375 for 20 minutes OR until cooked completely.

How easy is this? For $40 you can make a TON of food! Easy on the wallet, waist and schedule.