don’t assume


Last night I skipped yoga for fro-YOG….urt. Get it? And during the car ride with two of my closest friends (Jack and Will) we were talking about guys, obviously… and during the ride I noticed we were driving up to the place I went on a date once. A couple of years ago right after I got out of a serious relationship.

I met this guy in the elevator one day when I was visiting a client. He was cute, tall, like 6’8 tall and he asked me what I did – I told him what I did for work and somehow he found me on LinkedIn and blah blah blah asked me out, we ended up getting froyo after dinner.

Anyway, I met him at his house. He lived off of Bayshore where the cute little bungalow houses are and you can park on the street. He decided he would drive so I was like, ‘ok cool’ and there was an old crusty 1980’s Lexus parked out front as well as a nice brand new shiny Tahoe.  I start walking towards the Tahoe not knowing what he drives but his big self I assumed he was driving that sexy Tahoe. Wrong. He’s like “Hey, where you goin? My car is right here…” That’s right… the Lex.

Hahaha.. and to be clear, I don’t care what you drive. I drive a Jeep. Nothin’ fancy.. but it was just funny that it happened. Not everything is what it appears.

But if yall could see him and those long legs driving that little car… ok I’m done.

Your day can always be worse. Because I was embarrassed.

The seat was practically in the back…ok, ok – I can’t. Done.

happy dating!