the single girl struggle


imageMost people think being hit on in a bar or when you’re out is a huge compliment. And sometimes it is. But there are times you just want to be out with your friends and not be hit on. Not to sound conceited or cocky and I’m speaking for many women not just myself but we don’t like it all the time. We don’t like the cheesy pick-up lines or the small talk, we just want to be out with the girls. Nothing more. Uhhhkay?

Guys now are drinking some kind of confidence super power and think they can do and say what they want, when they want. Reality check: You cannot, so go away. #kthanksbye

imageThis past weekend I was in Chicago for one of my girlfriends’ bachelorette party’s. It was a blast and obviously it goes without saying you will get approached when you are in a bachelorette party and you do want some of that attention.

One of the nights we were out and a group of guys came up and started talking to us. They seemed normal at first.. for me personally – my patience runs thin.. I can’t stand talking and doing the ‘small talk’ thing in a loud, crowded bar. It’s literally one of the most obnoxious things ever and a huge reason I will probably never meet and date a guy I met in a bar. Screaming over the music, answering the basic questions “where are you from????” … “oh, do you like it here? What’s your favorite part of Chicago?” etc.. ugh. I’d rather sit and people watch with my girlfriends and chat with them while reading their lips. Ha. Well one of the guys was hitting on everyone and it turns out he is engaged. Uh, what? That’s right… engaged. Why even get married? He said it was an ultimatum and that she was going to break up with him if he didn’t propose. Brilliant plan, lady.. ‘cause now he’s cheatin’.


Then a few of us girls were done for the night and we were leaving the bar while waiting on the uber to pick us up and a couple of guys walked up to me and my girlfriends. He started talking to us and Kim simply said “Now isn’t a good time”. He absolutely went ballistic. He asked our names after we kept telling him to go away and we said Sara! Our name is Sara!

“All of your names are Sara?”

We replied yes and he kept on. Welllllllllll, I had finally had it and lost my cool. (shocker, I know) I told him to get lost, and I can’t really remember EVERYTHING I said but anyway he told me that I was named Sara because I was a bitch but the other girls aren’t. Ok, dude..whatever.

Meanwhile I am on the phone trying to get the uber to our location and I have no idea what was said during the 2 minutes I was on the phone but I turn around and he is squatting on the ground yelling his uncle used to shit on his face.


I cannot make this up…

Again, I was getting real freaking heated and started taking off after the guy. Thanks Lauren for the rescue and grabbing my arm.image

The rest of the trip we kept wondering what is it with guys these days? And let me add, I was the ONLY single one that was there. Everyone is married, engaged or dating someone.

I am also the oldest.

Very niiiiiiiiiice….

But really. Being single isn’t the part that sucks. It’s the guys we have to deal with. My single ladies know. Even some of the girls on the trip said “THIS is what the dating pool is like now?” Yes honey. THIS IS IT, BABY! Hahaha.. ugh!!!!!!!!

As I’ve mentioned in my previous posts, this is the first time as a real adult I’ve been single this long. I’m always in long-term relationships. So for me, I guess being single is getting old. But, mama ain’t gonna settle sooo…..I’ll be over here watching Netflix..being single. (& writing atrocious dating stories for you to read).

Things that go through a single girls mind:

  • I’d rather just stay in tonight. But if I do.. how will I ever meet someone? Can I go out in my yoga pants and ponytail?
  • Do I even want to meet someone right now?
  • Should I eat dinner? I feel fat. I’ll never meet a guy looking like this. Skipping dinner.
  • I miss fighting with a boyfriend.
  • Nah, I better eat.
  • Who will I take to the 16 weddings I’m in?’
  • Will I ever meet a good guy? I mean, I’m borderline past my prime. Will I have to drop my standards to a strong 7 because I am no longer at my peak good looks?
  • How do I approach the hot guy at the gym? He’s cute.. should I stare? Will he think I’m a creep?..
  • Will I have kids?
  • Should I recycle an ex? Rekindle an old flame or let that sh*t keep burning?
  • Do guys get lonely? Better question, does HE get lonely? Is he thinking about me?
  • Should I drunk text the guy I’m kind of dating? Maybe I should tell him I miss him. I miss you.. text sent & immediately regretted.
  • When is the last time I shaved my legs?
  • I’m so happy I can sit on my couch in my undies and watch reruns of SATC with no one talking to me to interrupt.
  • Man, my groceries last so long.
  • I can stay on Instagram for 3 hours with no one to nag me.

These are just a few but….. I’m sure yall feel me.

happy dating!


a look back at the trip<3