Lies & Champagne


Disclaimer: I am 1 mimosa (champagne with 1 drop of OJ in it…..) in as of right now.

The reason it’s basically just champagne is because I am toasting all my girls who are sick of the bullshit. To my girls who are tired of games. To my girls who want a good guy because they are tired of the same ole lines EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. To my girls who read this and know exactly what it’s like out there in the dating world… this toast is to you. So as I sit here drinking this champagne out of my Tiffany’s champagne flute with my pinky out….Cheers to you badass chicks who take NO CRAP from NO ONE.

So my day started out waking up with my girls (Bailey and Lipstick) waking me up to go potty. We slept in until 9:30 which if you know me, you know I get up at 7am – even on weekends. My day started perfect. I had no definite plans this morning.. I wanted to ride my bike to the market and get my fruits and veggies for the week and then go to my 11am yoga class. But no real plans. I ended up letting the girls out to pee and it down-poured. That was fine with me, I texted one of my closest girlfriends and asked what she was doing today. She was going shopping for some shoes for a wedding so I said why not. On my way there.. damn.. let me back up… and let me say this whole typing thing is rough right now.. hahaha…

I have been hanging out with a guy I used to date. Nothing has happened – no kissing or hooking up – nothing. ‘Jake’ is a nice guy, always was and I thought was probably the best guy I would ever meet. Ha….. we will get to the details later for you to judge…

He went out of town this weekend for his birthday. He said he was going with some friends and he named a few. Randomly, on Thursday my neighbor Lindsey along with wine talked me into getting on Tinder. It’s fun, and why not. Dating blogs to come from it? Maybe…

But I did it.

Haven’t been on it much at all because online swiping isn’t my thing but Friday night Angela and I were laying on my couch and tindering… we ran across a guy who was supposed to be with Jake in Georgia. Said active 5 minutes ago 3 miles away… last time I checked Ga wasn’t 3 miles away. I told Angela, that was weird and I don’t know much about the app and figured he maybe left later or something. I don’t know.

You know how you just know when something isn’t right? like you can feel it?

Well that’s how I felt about the weekend away and the details.

It doesn’t matter what or who Jake is doing or with. Doesn’t matter at all – he owes me nothing and I owe him nothing. We have talked and swapped stories about people we are dating on multiple occasions. We haven’t crossed any lines or anything so we truly are friends.

Plus, when we broke up – I know I hurt him so I wanted to make sure I wasn’t going to do that again. I wanted to see if I had feelings for him and vice versa. A lot changes in a 2 year span.


He isn’t the same guy he used to be. I knew that when we started hanging out again. He’s always been great and a nice guy but this time seemed different. He wasn’t who he used to be.

Well.. I started thinking maybe there was something more? He was going to a wedding with me next week and I was like “Maybe timing was off before and maybe just maybe we get a second chance?”

Again, feeling something was off and he doesn’t know this but his ex and one of my best friends have more than an army of friends in common. Well, turns out the ex is also in Savannah this weekend. That’s nice…

And a few months ago when I asked why things didn’t work out with him and her, he said “I just knew it wasn’t right and I knew she wasn’t someone I could be with forever”.


So you’re on vacation with an ex who you said wasn’t the one for you?

Again, it doesn’t matter to me.. we aren’t romantically involved but why lie about it? He said he was with someone totally different.

His birthday was Saturday and I text him “happy birthday!” and his response was “thanks for the birthday message! You can buy me a drink when I get back, Ha!” …. Hmm… would your ex or maybe current girlfriend like that? DOUBT IT.

He never lied before. He wasn’t shady and was always a great person but it looks like another one has turned shady as hell.

Why lie to people? Why go out of your way and be shady? I am so sick of guys doing this shit. Regardless of how he is to me, but did you tell her you spent all last Friday night with me and my friends on a bachelorette party together? So stupid.

This kind of stuff makes girls look crazy when we confront it. My mom asked if I would call him out. You damn right I am. I’m so tired of being too nice on certain things. It doesn’t make us crazy – it makes us smart. Sorry we aren’t dumb and will let shit like this slide.

Several of my close friends know what I’ve dealt with regarding guys. I am too nice and don’t truly put my details out there – even with my blog. Well you know what? I’m not sparing your feelings anymore if you don’t spare mine. I am a person too. You can’t just treat people like shit and shady? Cool – I’ll write about it! I get Taylor Swift SO much more now…..

Funny thing is he was literally the most perfect boyfriend when we were together. Flowers home after work for no reason. Favorite things all the time for no reason. We would do things I loved because he wanted to make me happy. He asked me a few months ago why I never blogged about him and I simply responded “you didn’t have any flaws. You didn’t do anything wrong – you were perfect and if you read my blog it’s a bunch of assholes”.

Well…. Cheers to you! Here’s your blog post.