A (very) basic girls date


imagePumpkin Spice, Pumpkin Patches, Saturdays, Apple Sangria and Girlfriends. It’s the basic-girls fall starter kit. And guess what, I’m not even mad about it.

One of my best girlfriends and I talked about it all week… pinterest recipes and ideas for our girls date. I had some sunflower overalls I have been literally DYING to wear. I know, I know, basic as can be.image

We found a local pumpkin patch and looked around. And not to sound like a cheap ass but did yall know pumpkins are like, $20?! Our bad, we thought the going rate for pumpkins these days would be $10….?

Um, nope.

Anyway – we didn’t see any that made the cut so we went to publix and got pizza, chips, hummus, salsa, wine, apples, pears, pita/bagel chips, and to try and get a pumpkin from there. Nope, sold out. Went across the street to another publix… sold out. Luckily just down the road on 4th street there was another pumpkin patch and we got 2 perfect pumpkins for $30. Made sense to drive out the gas to save $10, right? Hahaha….

Anyway – we made the best sangria! Easy too! We cut up apples and pears into little cubes and then added pure cinnamon. 1 small bottle of apple cider, and a large bottle of moscato and that was it. It really was so good!

Then we made a little party pizza, had chips/hummus and painted pumpkins and listened to music on my porch. Could we be any more adorable? Really.

Total cost for the day: $55