major bike envy


beach cruiser

I love crafts. I love do it yourself projects and I love having something unique.

this was my schwinn I re-did

A few years ago I had an old school Schwinn bike and I painted it light pink with the help of Jake, added a basket and it was literally my favorite thing I had done in a long time. I love riding my bike. Rode it every single day….

I kept it on my porch when I moved in April and my lock wouldn’t loop around my pole on the porch but I figured I lived in a safe place and it should be fine. Right?


A couple of months ago – I came home from work and noticed my porch looked miiiiiighty empty. I let my dogs out and realized my precious bike had been stolen. I literally walked inside and started crying. It was the ONE thing I enjoyed most. I ride my bike every day, on the weekends, after work, during lunch, to the Saturday morning market, I loved it so much. I ended up finding another similar bike and bought it for $65. It was a complete eye sore but I saw hope in it.

Well, I FINALLY had the time to paint it and I must say, as much as I loved my old one.. this one is my favorite. I decided to amp up the pink to a Barbie pink and I wanted something different on the chain guard. I painted it an off-white color called “biscuit” and hand painted a floral design on it, added back a basket and there you have it!

Total cost in the project was $124

  • $65 bike
  • $15 sand paper
  • $30 basket
  • $14 for the paint

to the jerk who stoke my bike, I hope you love it. I dare you to try and take this one…. #BRAT