A to Z: Appearance



 1. the way that someone or something looks.

A lot can come with appearance so I wanted to break it down. For example; gym appearance. At the gym you shouldn’t look like you just crawled out of a garbage can. Now, I’m not the type of person who believe in a full face of make up on when working out, I mean your clothes. It’s ok to wear cute workout gear and hot pink Nike’s to the gym. Have you seen the workout clothes these days??? LOVE! Plus, I still have a dream that I will meet prince charming and fall in love at the free weights….

Cute workout clothes: (I REFUSE to buy Lulu … $85 for a tank, nope!)

Fabletics – $25 for your first outfit!

Old Navy – They have the cutest cheapest clothes!

Nike – I absolutely love their shoes!

Whether you are leaving the house to go to a huge meeting or you are running Saturday errands it’s totally ok to look put together. I love running errands in yoga pants or leggings and a tank with a bun but it’s always a good rule of thumb to look presentable. What IF you run into your ex and his new girlfriend?? Don’t be caught looking like a mess.

Some wardrobe basics to always have in the closet:

A white blouse.

Something you can wear with jeans or a pencil skirt. This is a wardrobe must have.

A good flannel.

I love me some plaid and flannel. I wear it open with a tank underneath or buttoned with knee boots and skinny jeans It’s such a cute southern look. Plus, guys love it.

A good paid of nude heels.

I have a pair of pumps that are suede and I love them. They are about 4’’ high and perfect with everything. Skinny jeans, dresses, pencil skirt or cute shorts. I also have a pair of strappy nude sandals I wear with EVERYTHING. Literally, my favorite. (And I got ‘em at Target for $30!)

The perfect pair of jeans.

Depending on your body type, depends on your perfect pair of jeans. My friends know I love bell bottoms. I don’t care if they are in style this year or not. I wear them and I wear them PROUD! I also love dark skinny jeans with 1 cuff at the bottom.

A little black dress.

Always have the perfect LBD on hand. You never know when you need it!

The perfect outfit.

Meaning – if you’re having a fat day or you have 10 minutes to get ready, you have this outfit to throw on. You know the top with the jewelry, shoes and pants. Sometimes you have a last minute date, right?

Always a great choice for the prefect event dress? RENT THE RUNWAY = life changing.

Hair…. Oh hair.

One of my passions FORSURE. As a kid I would sit my cousin Kristin down in front of my mirror on the floor and not let her get up while I played with her hair for hours. I mean it. Curled, braided, pony tails – the whole thing. I also started doing my own hair when I was like in the 2nd grade and it looked DAMN good! Haha, right mom? Oh! My hair career started early for me since I cut a kids hair in pre-school under the table… she asked for a bang trim… it was my first client. At least I went to a Christian daycare, they forgive easier, right?

But it was a no-brainer I would go to hair school and get my cosmetology license. So I believe in the RIGHT haircut. Forget the trends, forget what everyone else says is the ‘right’ haircut for you. We all have a style or cut we feel best with. Get that one. Get that one every time because if you like your hair, and you’re comfortable with your hair – you will look and feel just as confident! That’s sexy! You want the Rachel circa 99? DO IT. I haven’t changed my hair since 2004. Not kidding.

Favorite hair products:

It’s a 10 Miracle Leave In

Paul Mitchell Platinum Blonde Line (keep that blonde nice and bright!)

Sexy Hair – Powder Play (Favorite product of alllll time!)


As much as I loved hair, makeup didn’t do it for me as much. Don’t get me wrong, I loved it as a kid but in high school I didn’t wear ANY make up. Not one lick of anything (Although I probably should have…) but I didn’t. I started wearing makeup in my 20’s. Now – I love it… I guess because I need it more.. but I do believe in good makeup. I grew up and my mama was a covergirl, girl. Maybelline pink and green tube mascara. And I remember she always had oil of olay (literally makes me gag at the smell if it..) but as an adult what you put on your face matters.

Years ago someone told me their secret was putting witch hazel on their face every night. So I do. And I buy the alcohol free, with aloe, gluten free witch hazel. LOVE!

I love Bobbi Brown, Origins, Smash box, Kat Von D (contour kit..OMG!!!!!), and baby lips. A good foundation – goes a LONG way. Invest in a good powder (I use Mac Studio Fix) and a good foundation. (I love Bobbi Brown and Origins). Tip: If you rub your moisturizer on your skin for 5 minutes in a gentile, circular motion it will help blend the foundation in better. It wont look thick and cakey. Florida girls know what I’m talking about!!

Kat Von D Contour Kit









Good sleep goes a long way. Go to bed early, get up early. stretch, and smile!

Benefits of good, adequate sleep? You will perform better (speaking, exercise, make better decisions), your skin will be in better shape, it will help lowering risk of some cancers & diabetes, you will be more patient and these are just a FEW!


You look better, you feel better and don’t even try and deny it. Also, if you stop eating a bunch of garbage you will literally notice a difference in a matter of days. What we put into our bodies matters. It’s what fuels your organs, it’s what nourishes your skin, hair, nails, and again – INSIDE of your body! Eat as clean and fresh as possible. Trust me – you’ll feel clean and fresh in return!