Hidden Notes


My girlfriend is moving and gave me her desk. I was so excited to get it all set up, so this morning I was cleaning up my old work area and on my coffee table sits a little book.

In the book, I wrote down love songs. Songs that I’ve heard and just liked so I kept a list. I’ve only had the notebook since this spring and I bought it because I wanted something small to write stuff in and I liked the design and it fit in my purse.

I randomly opened it this morning and I’ve only written in a couple of the pages and on the back of one page I noticed writing with a sharpie.

The note says: “ Wendy – Night Night! <3 🙂 “




I haven’t been in a serious relationship this year, AND I’ve only dated one guy exclusively for a short period of time (Whiskey) who is the only one that has been at my house for any lengthy period of time or alone. It couldn’t have been him…

Who the hell wrote it? (and furthermore, where are you mystery man? Because it’s kind of precious)..

I’m assuming from the handwriting it’s a guy?….

Anyway.. WEIRD. If I turn up missing, the sharpie is still on the table – have it finger printed.



Hahaha, uhhhhh happy dating?