Happy Thanksgiving!


Thanksgiving – food, family, friends, beer, football, wine, food, football….

That’s what the day usually consists of for most Americans. But really it’s a day to be thankful so it seems fitting and very cliché to do a thanksgiving post, I know….

But as most of us, we don’t think about what we should be thankful for most of the time. We don’t give thanks as much as we should. I know I don’t. It’s usually that when something gets taken away, a world tragedy occurs, an unexpected death happens or something else we weren’t counting on losing – that we step back and reflect and give thanks for what we still have.

Just a few things I’m Thankful for..

My Family and friends, both near & far.

  • When you move away from home you miss people real quick. But moving away allowed me to meet new friends who have become like family and for that, I’m thankful.

My dogs.

  • They literally brighten every day. Sometimes if I’m sad and no one can make me feel better, I am not kidding they are the only ones who can. Between Bailey’s under-bite and Lipsticks 8 teeth she has left, I’m thankful for their stinky breath and dog kisses.

My job.

  • Starting a new job is scary and I did that in July. But the company I work for now and the people are seriously the best place I’ve worked in a longtime! Paychecks help too… haha

My Health.

  • Eating healthy sometimes can seem like a chore. You have to cook, wash dishes and go to the grocery store. It’s much easier to go to McDonalds BUT I am thankful I am able to walk around a grocery store with arms to cook, clean and feed myself. Working out is sometimes the last thing I want to do but again, thankful I have the ability to even lift a weight, do a gym class and support a healthy habit with the financial means to have a gym membership.

All of the “EXTRA’s” in my life.

  • All of the things we have but don’t need to survive. Because we don’t really NEED that coffee to get through that Monday after a long holiday weekend we went out of town on vacation and spent time with loves ones on a beach with. We don’t really need that pedicure to match our Michael Kors wedges because it’s still sandal season (in Florida).

All of the ‘needs’ that WE ALL complain about aren’t even needs. I spend a lot of Monday’s complaining about Monday. Thankful to have a weekend to create a Monday. Some people have to work every day to make ends meet & keep them tied. And I’m sure there will be plenty more Monday’s I will hate. And complain about but I do know how blessed I am to have another Monday.

And finally, I’m thankful for my relationship with God. Because this year hasn’t been an easy one for me personally. Whether it was family health struggles, the growing pains of a new job and causing financial stress, moving to a new apartment, relationships ending, the list goes on.. But without my relationship with Him, I probably would have went crazy by now. We are fortunate we live in a place where we can believe what we want on our own free will and have those burdens of stress eased with His love. So I am thankful I have a higher power to call on when life happens.

I could literally think of 100’s of things I am thankful for. My senses, my car, my house, my hair, my insurance, my cell phone, Instagram, Netflix, Ellen… the point is WE HAVE SO MUCH TO BE THANKFUL FOR!

And most of all, thankful for YOU. Because if you’re reading this you are in my life some way, to some capacity and I only have the best of the best in my life so.. 😉