moving day!

Well… I am finally in North Carolina and feel pretty much settled in. In the past 5 weeks I was home for 4 days.


I was in North Carolina for a little over 2 weeks and then went to pack my apartment in Florida after the holidays, told my work goodbye, and packed a moving truck and then drove the truck up here with my boyfriend only to get on a plane and go to Phoenix, Arizona for a week on to get snowed-in in Chicago until Sunday.

Did you catch all of that?

Yes, Florida, NC, Arizona and Illinois in a short amount of time.

To say I am happy to be home is an understatement.

But now that I can breathe.. I wanted to send a blog post.

Well as you can see – I moved back home to NC. And started dating someone a couple of months ago.

Obviously lots of changes… haha

Next post – all about my love… 🙂 

Happy dating!