better late than never?


Well, a few have asked about my dating situation since some know I’ve been dating someone lately. Ha, ironic since I have a dating blog site pretty much about dumb things guys do. But I guess there’s a good one in every crowd, right?

Finally. It’s about time.

Soooo I wanted to write a blog post about him and how we met and all of the things people are asking about… I’m going to break it down over a couple of blog posts so it isn’t a 15 page novel from the beginning to now since it’s been a couple of months and a lot has probably happened. Ha! TEASE!

It’s funny because he is sitting at my feet on the couch and laughing at me because he knows what I’m doing and he knows I am writing the post (finally) about us. Haha… hope he approves. I mean, is he going to even sign up for my blog posts?

Because that would be rude if he didn’t.. right?

Well, his name is Mike. And he lives in Raleigh but he grew up in Durham. Like me…

He actually went to my high school for a couple of years and then switched schools his junior year.

Randomly, 3 years ago on facebook, he messaged me and asked if I went to Riverside. We kind of went back and forth for only like … 4 messages and then I never responded.

……In the in-between-time….

We literally would like most of each others’ posts. I would see his photos on my newsfeed and always thought he was cute and I would like his post and then he would like mine.

One morning he popped up on my feed and I messaged him and said ‘You keep popping up on my feed…’ that’s when I saw our old messages from 3 years before. Obviously I went back and read them so I could reference them and start a conversation.

As perfecting timing would have it, I was coming home in 2 weeks for Christmas to stay for a couple of weeks. He said “when you come home for Christmas, you should come to Raleigh and hangout”. I said yeah forsure. But really, I wasn’t sure if it would happen. I mean – I wanted it to but that meant that we would have to stay interested in each other for 2 weeks and then even keep in touch when I get home to potentially meet up.

We continued talking all day, every day literally since the first conversation.

We know a ton of the same people. One of his best friends was in the crowd of friends I hung out with in high school. We had to have been in the same place at the same time more than once and didn’t know it.

My dad knows his family and used to work for them when my dad was a teen. My granddaddy and dad used to hunt on his family’s farm also. Weird, Hahaha but seriously. What are the odds?

Anyway, like I said, we talked for the entire 2 weeks leading up to me coming home and decided to meet on the Saturday that I first came home. We wanted to go somewhere we could talk but it wouldn’t be stuffy but also Duke AND Carolina had games that day so we decided to go to Carolina Ale House.

(For the record, Carolina won that day and Duke lost.)………………………………….. go heels.

Anyway! We decided to meet at 1pm that day. If you know me, you know there’s a such thing as WP time also known as, ‘Wendy Petty time’ and it means like 15-30 minutes late. Ok 30 minutes late.. Well, as hard as I tried I ended up being on WP time. I showed up 25 minutes late. I drove up and there he was sitting on the bench out front. In the cold. Alone. But looking so precious. Haha

At this point I didn’t know what he sounded like. Or how tall he was or even if he had all his fingers. I walked up and we hugged the awkward ‘hey this is our first time meeting but we should hug because that’s what they do in the south now let’s get a beer’ kind of hug.

We started talking and immediately got comfortable with each other. Although, he ordered me a Budlight to be sweet and that’s the ONE beer that gives me a headache.. hahaha awwww bless his heart.

One of my best friends, Kim and her husband, also named Mike, came to meet us about 3:30pm. At this point we had been drinking for a couple of hours. And obviously acting like we knew each other for 27 years. We all just talked and then all of a sudden a fireball shot gets ordered and placed in front of me even after I said I DON’T DO FIREBALL.

So I did the fireball and then Kim and I had to do our traditional Christmas shot..

Out of nowhere Mike says something about the bartender’s eyebrows and goes on a 5 minute rampage on how they were busted. She then walks over and says “I heard everything you said.”


Buuuuuuut freaking hilarious!

We figured out later she had said something about me and I guess I didn’t hear it and Mike did so he said something about her eyebrows. Precious little baby to get my back. Hahaha

Kim and I knew we better make a break for it while we could and we ended up going to the Mexican restaurant next door and took a tequila shot and then met our Mike’s at another bar. (don’t worry mom, we were on foot)

imageWe ended up having to have a slumber party at Kim and Mike’s that night because we couldn’t drive home. And we took a ton of photos at Kim’s house and what felt like 2am it was in reality 8:01pm. Thanks for the time stamp. Hahaha

My Mike ended up getting a stomach bug so he was literally up all night long throwing up. I like to say it’s because he couldn’t hang but he swears it was that stomach bug. I mean, fireball makes you throw up too.. just sayin! 😉

So our first date recap is Carolina won, Duke lost, Mike slept on the bathroom floor due to a stomach bug, a girl went home and re-learned how to do her eyebrows and he didn’t gag at my morning breath.

until next time.. happy dating 🙂


Our first pic…….. haha.

our first pic...haha