My lame March post…

I know I have been MIA and haven’t blogged in over a MONTH. I am the worst.. obviously my dating life has slowed down from a disaster standpoint. Mike and I are doing great, living with each other, learning each other, me getting annoyed at the toilet paper on the sink counter instead of the roll when it’s empty… you know.. the usual ‘getting used to living with one another’ routine.

But I wouldn’t trade it for the other way.

I still try and text my Florida friends weekly or daily so I can make sure we stay up to date with life. I can’t believe it’s been 2 months that I’ve been living back home.. honestly, that’s crazy. And life moves SO FREAKIN’ FAST!
imageWe went skiing in February with another couple and that was a lot of fun. Anddddddd by a lot of fun I mean if skiing is your thing. Mike wasn’t such a fan… at one point he picked his skii’s up and poles and threw them across the mound… hilarious..but it was fun. And a learning experience. We won’t be skiing again anytime soon. Good thing it’s becoming beach season, right?

I literally can’t think of anything else exciting that’s happened. The superbowl, skiing, eating a lot, being old and grown up. Ha, isn’t that crazy? Florida was non-stop with events and stories and now I’m working in corporate and coming home, cooking dinner and going to bed. But I like the slower pace…. It’s good.

I’ll be back with some updates soon, exciting stuff coming.. but I wanted to at least post once…in March… and it’s almost over so………