Girl bye!


I was going through my ‘drafts’ in my blog posts. I came across this one from NOVEMBER. I have to share it. Not sure why I never posted it but so far for an update: I ended up helping Samantha move to Chicago (road trip 22 hours with her dog in the moving truck drooling on me), I’ve visited her twice and I think we talk and text more than we did before? Oh. And I’m not even living in Florida anymore so I would have been reallllllll selfish to talk her out of moving… hahahaha! Anyway… flash back Friday #FBF post:

November 13th:

It’s true what they say… “guys will come and go but your girlfriends will always be there” and in my life somehow I’ve re-invented it more towards “guys may come and go but their friends’ girlfriends will become my best friends and then we will ditch the guys and we will best friends and live happily ever after.” Hahaha, ok but really. Hear me out…

imageI had been dating a guy for a year or so and one of my biggest complaints was that we never had any couples to hang out with. Literally the last month of he and I together we go out with his friend who was dating a new girl. We went to buffalo wild wings to watch the Florida State game. I started talking to this girl and I loved her sarcastic, witty, attitude. And she was so pretty too! I’m a sarcastic person and she and I immediately bonded over talking shit to the guys and holding our own.

Obviously, we became insta followers of each other and one thing led to another and we exchanged phone numbers and instantly started hanging out for wine Wednesday’s. Naturally..

She worked for a gym at the time and was like “hey! Come join this gym!” …. So I did. I saw her every day at the gym so clearly the friendship was healthy for me. Literally. Hahahaha! Ok, I’ll stop. But really – I would go to the gym, workout and then sit at Samantha’s desk for at least an hour after my workout to keep her company. And BECAUSE WE ARE HILARIOUS. AND I never saw her workout in that gym one day of her life…. hahaha

imageWe became so close over the past year. It’s hard to find friends and even harder to find best friends. Someone you can be yourself around, who gets your humor, your jokes, literally while I’m reading our text messages I picture how she says things. She literally is one of my closest friends I’ve ever had in my life. We have been through a lot together in our year of friendship.

We have more inside jokes than anyone should have in their adult life. We know what the other person is thinking without even saying a word. She is literally a brunette version of myself. We over use the phrases: I cant, obvi, #NR, Stop, #RICH, girl bye, and emojis. Like, hello – soulmate status.

A few weeks ago she and her boyfriend broke up and she said she was thinking about moving to Chicago. I immediately was so excited for her! But the more I thought about it, selfishly, I got sad. I wish her the best and I know this is something she should do. I’m a few years older than her and I did exactly what she is doing at her same age. I told her I get imageit. As much as I want to talk her out of it, it is absolutely the best decision she can make for herself. When I moved to Florida I was scared, lonely, afraid.. so many emotions. But it is so empowering to do it.

So I am excited for her!

But I’m sad because people say nothing will change. But it does change, it should change. Life moves on and I know our friendship will always be special and it will always be a real sisterhood we shared for a year. But it eventually will be less hanging out, less texting, less inside jokes, less photos, less memories. That’s reality.

Now, don’t get me wrong – this post isn’t a selfish post about me being unhappy she’s moving… you better believe I WILL be visiting Chicago on the regular because ironically one of my other best friends lives up there and it will be the WENDY(Windy) City one way or another!

So Sammy, cheers to a new YOU, a new CITY, and a new entourage of hotties you will encounter.

Happy dating!


Favorite Wendy & Samantha moments:

  1. Being basic and being DAMN good at being basic
  2. Modeling on that Tuesday we accidently turnt up at and a cop showed up but not because of us and then yelling at the bar about someone being fat and ugly..omg…I cant deal. #models
  3. Wine Wednesday’s
  4. Countless insta tags per day
  5. Working from home……………
  6. I can’t.
  7. Alternating pay weeks feeding each other
  8. Rollerblading
  9. Yelling …I mean singing “Masterpiece” for literally 3 hours straight
  10. Hello………………….. it me.