Stop wasting time on wasting time!


Because, no one wants to waste any time. On anything.

The feeling of time or energy ‘wasted’ is a miserable feeling. It can be from a relationship, a project at home like painting your kitchen the perfect shade of green that turns out like baby shit or a dead-end job. Wasted time sucks on ANYTHING. Period.

Which is why I finally had to cut the cord on something that I was scared to do for so long. For years really..

I decided to quit my corporate job with a steady salary and benefits and paid time off and the security of coming into an office every day to sip my coffee and read the news for the first 10 minutes and then hit the phones with cold calls. It’s comfortable, it’s reassuring, it’s a lot of ass kissing clients, but most importantly – ummm, it’s miserable. So there’s that.

And it isn’t for me. Not sure if it ever was for me but I did it for 4 years.

Which is 4 years too long if ya ask me.

I worked at a salon before I moved to Florida when I wasn’t on the road with NASCAR. A successful hair stylist career and traveling the country as a spokesmodel job – that I loved, I still was complacent at 25 so I decided I would move away for “like a year”.

1 year. Ha! Because planning your life always works out the way you planned….


5 years later I did find my way back to North Carolina. And I found myself back in yet another corporate job. In Florida I only traveled with NASCAR for about 7 months until I decided to take my first corporate job, to “lay down some roots” and turned down a job with SpeedTV traveling the NASCAR circuit. So Florida for me is all directly related to sales jobs and that’s all I knew as work down there. It worked because I went to the beach every weekend and didn’t want to work weekends. I wanted to go back to doing hair but I was scared to go back to a commission only position being that I lived alone for the most part and didn’t feel like I could start over and support myself on the salary of a hairstylist starting out (again).

I did over 10 weddings/events and did about 15 regular clients on the side with hair so I wouldn’t lose my talent completely but corporate is where I was comfortable from a monetary standpoint.

Until being back in NC. Here I kept thinking how much I wanted to go back to hair. It’s what makes me happy, it’s what I am passionate about. Hell, it’s what I went to school for.

But I took a job and it happened so quick and bam! I was moving back home and working for another staffing firm. Again, not where I wanted to ever be at again.

I decided a few months ago I was going to just reach out to the salon I used to work at to see if they were looking for any stylists. I figured I could work part time and build my clientele and then quit corporate and live happily ever after.

But then the thought of working 7 days straight became reality and so did the amount of energy I had at the end of a week. It’s was NONE. Working in the salon all day Saturday and Sunday on top of a 40+ hour sales week at my office job and going into the salon some nights after work became too much. Rhianna’s song Work is fun to dance to. Not to actually have to live out. 

I mean I like money and working but dang! I was irritated all the time, coming home being a bitch to everyone in my path and it was because I was just tired all the time. No time for much else. I was annoyed with Mike a lot and sometimes for nothing at all and the days at my regular job seemed to be getting longer because I was miserable working there. Doing hair doesn’t feel like a job. It doesn’t feel like work. It doesn’t feel like a hassle. I enjoy it that much. Always did before and still do. So that’s why today was my last day in my corporate job. And go ahead and mark my words, I WILL NEVER WORK ANOTHER OFFICE JOB AGAIN. I mean it.

Life is way too short to be unhappy. Or to waste time on something you know isn’t forever. Or long term. I wouldn’t necessarily say I wasted time at this position other than the past month that I have became so miserable here. I’m naturally a happy person but it literally sucked the life out of me. No amount of money or ‘peace of mind’ from a steady paycheck is worth that. Ever.

I would be remiss if I didn’t throw in my plug here soooooo, if you’re reading this and are looking for a new hairstylist – come see me. Hair Studio 168

You can find be behind the chair from now on. Not sitting in one.