old relationships, new habits.

The newness in a relationship. Don’t you love it? Don’t you love when you cant help but want to spend every second together? Don’t you love how your new boyfriend is trying to impress you so he keeps the house clean, does his own laundry and is overly trying to win you over? But most […]

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Hair Daze

Another hair post. Sorry friends 🙂 Well, this blog is dating and hair I guess. Haha all over the place, much like myself. As you know I am back in the salon fulltime and loving every minute of it. We have Customer Appreciation week and it kicks off TODAY so I thought it was fitting […]

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Castor Oil, Coconut Oil, Almond Oil – Oh My!

Many people ask me on a weekly sometimes daily basis how to make their hair healthier. Obviously “healthy hair” can be defined in several different ways depending on the person. Healthy hair has to be maintained at home. How many times have you went into a salon and got your hair done and left thinking […]

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