southern roots – part 1


This post was written a couple of weeks ago. Lots of changes have come, to be expected, but I wanted to share part one with you. I’ll post part two on Tuesday. 😉


Six more days. Six more long days.

For what? Right?

It’s been 2 weeks since I signed a lease on my new salon space. 2 long freaking weeks. I feel like it’s been forever.

I told a handful of my friends/family because well, I cant keep a secret if my life depended on it. And I have been so excited. I’ve been so consumed with what to name it, shopping for it, getting a formal message together to send clients and doing a ton of backend work to get my site up and running and pricing and ordering things for my back-bar. Oh, and still working. Non-stop. But so fun! It’s mine. Allllll mine.

As far as my theme/name. No matter what I am doing or creating I’ve always wanted something southern. Keepin’ true to my roots, right?

Well, I thought of a few different names and I came up with “Tease”. You know, the higher the hair….

Tease Salon sounded catchy… but the more I thought about it I was like, umm this sounds like a hoochie shop, or something that it shouldn’t. Haha… sad to think that right? But I mean – your husband see’s “Tease” on your Bank of America for $150 he is either going to be realllllly disappointed in the bedroom thinking it’s an adult store or he’s waiting for the bank to release the tease of a $150 transaction. Either way, it didn’t feel right.

So I thought more… and then ‘Southern Roots’ just felt perfect.

Roots – Hair. Roots – where you’re from.

Southern – Hair. Southern – where you’re from.

The literal definitions:

Root: (n) the basic cause, source, or origin of something. (Haha I love that it says basic..)

Southern: (adj) living in or originating from the south

And Southern Roots was born.

As any hairstylist, you want to do what you love, with a flexible schedule and great clients. Those are the main goals. Now, some want to own a salon. I have no desire because I don’t want to manage anyone or keep tabs on who is out or vacation or anything remotely close. You can also booth rent, but you still cant decorate and name your salon. You can work in a commission based salon, like were I was, but you give a percentage to the owners. And you can own a loft in a building.


I felt like for me, the loft is the ultimate goal and the best-case scenario. I can have my own space but still have some security with not owning the building outright but I also provide all materials and I keep all profits. The salon I am at is commission based. I give 50% per week to the owners. So for me – thankfully, I was able to grow my clientele very quickly and once I started averaging $1500/$1700/week – it was time for me to go. I even set a goal a few weeks ago to hit $2,000 and I hit $1988. I then had to give almost $1,000 to my salon owner. I was sick to my stomach. Hard work, given away. I knew I needed to start looking at other options.

I prayed about it. I talked to other stylist friends about it and I remember saying “When the time is right, a salon will open up near me and in the area I want”. I had my eye in the Brier Creek area since I felt it was better for my clients and myself. I interviewed at another salon back in August but they were using a different color line and again, commission. Timing was off so I stayed at my salon.

Fast forward to a week or so of thinking and praying hard about looking for something else and I saw a facebook post from a co-worker I worked with years ago before I moved to Florida. She posted that she just signed with a new Salon and I clicked the link because it said it was adding locations.

I met with the Regional contact for the Salon Lofts. She gave me a tour of the Crossroads location but again, in my gut it didn’t feel, location wise, right for me and my clients. I told her I was more interested in the Brier Creek/Cary/Morrisville area and she informed me that a brand new location was opening up at the end of November. We originally met on a Monday and that Wednesday we met over at the location being built. It was perfect. I remember driving up to it and immediately falling in love with it. After a tour of the facility I was ready to sign my lease. Suddenly the nervous, scared feeling went away. It was right for me. It would be right for clients.

They say you should expect to lose 20% of your clientle when you switch salons. I can honestly say, I may be able to break that statistic. Because I truly believe I have the best clients and so far all clients that I see on a regular basis and that pre-book their next client are all booked for the new salon. They sent the sweetest messages and cant wait to see the new place.

What a relief.

I’m not saying it’s not going to ever be scary again. Or that I’ll never have to worry about my monthly rent. Or that times wont be slow. Or tight. But what I am saying is when the time is right everything aligns just how it’s supposed to.

These past 5 months I have worked my ass OFF. I worked 27 out of 31 days in October. I came in on my days off. I stayed late for that extra walk-in. I missed beach trips with friends. I worked A LOT. But now, that hard work has paid off. Because, not to tot my own horn, but I was able to build up what takes some stylist years to build up. I couldn’t have done it without my clients. The referrals, the kind words, the social media posts. All of it, all of that has allowed me to do this. To do Southern Roots.

I’ve worked on my pricing because I want to make sure I am competitive but I allow people to afford the extras in life. I used to get scolded on a regular basis because I would give 10% here or 20% there. That $10, $15 or $20 that I was able to save the client goes a long way. But I believe in helping people and sometimes it just feels good to save a little extra when you aren’t expecting it. I will always do 10% off for clients that prebook. I will always give 20% off for new clients and referrals for my existing clients. But now, I can do it because I AM MY OWN BOSS.

For me, I truly believe I am a gypsy. I just don’t like to feel tied down to a location or stuck. (and no I am not talking about my relationship – love you Mike! Hahaha *disclaimer) I have no desire to buy a house again, or at least for a while! But signing that lease broke me of the not committing to being back here. And I’m excited. I have a business that I will grow with and finally make real money. I’ll never forget the feeling of IT’S ALL MINE. I cant wait to get in there and get my furniture/decorations in there. I have literally SLAVED over this. Hand painted details, re-did furniture. Sanded, nailed and built everything in here. I couldn’t be more proud to have my clients see it!

Now! Yall come get your hair did! 😉

But as always,

I’ve got roots & I’ve got wings <3