Southern Roots – Part Two


Annoying that I have a part 2 but since nothing good comes easy why wouldn’t there be a hiccup?

Right? 🙂

Well, it was supposed to open last week but since it is new construction, and we all have watched the HGTV network and know something always comes up, why would this be any different?

The only thing is, with hair – people are scheduled and typically their schedules have accommodated the day and time they chose for a reason. SO that meant since the handicap ramp wasn’t going to be completed and the city wouldn’t pass inspection I had to contact 14 clients and move their appointment. That also meant that my next week was going to be double packed because I already have appointments that week also.

Whew! Good thing I love my job?!

I am so excited to actually get in there, though. As I mentioned in my previous post, I have literally hand painted and re-finished all of my furniture, sanded, painted, distressed..etc… all of it. My mirror I am using was my granddaddys and always hung above his mantle and my mom told me it’s been in his family for hundreds of years before that… that’s so cool! I’ve also made shelves, bought an old ladder for a magazine rack, nailed some letters to palette wood… and I will definitely post a photo of all of my little projects.


Anyway, in the meantime… Southern Roots will open Dec 12th!

And! To my clients, here is my page for the salon. You can even book online! 🙂 #SNAZZY!

Click the photo below.







A few of my pieces and stuff I had for inspo <3

(fingers crossed it opens ON TIME……)