basically the best day, EVER!

Imagine a day where you feel bloated, minimal makeup, frumpy clothes, quit your job, and at the end of a long workday – you and your girlfriends want to go grab a drink to catch up and chat. Imagine all of that and add walking into a bar and sitting right smack dab in the […]

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blonding (blonde blogging)

  I’m not a writer. Never have been. I’m terrible with punctuation, spelling, run-on sentences and I was the worst english student EVER! Not kidding… That being said, for whatever reason I have grown to love blogging. So freaking much. It’s like writing in a diary or something and being able to vent to so […]

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guy post

honest hour with ‘chad’!

An honest guy. Do they exist anymore? Is the guy you’re dating or talking to or fooling around with really that great of a guy he’s led you to believe? C’mon, we’ve all heard it before “I’m different”, “I wouldn’t hurt you”, “you can trust me”.. blah bah blah. But really, is HE really capable […]

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heart calls

ask a guy anything!

Ladies! (& gents if yall secretly read this too)! Apparently the dating blog post was my popular one yet. Who knew dating was such a nightmare to so many people? Kidding, I think we all know that it’s hard and not THAT fun sometimes. I was talking to one if my good guy friends and […]

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the heart of the matter

A dating post because I clearly am a master. But really… I feel like lately (and to go ahead and throw out a disclaimer so people don’t get pissy if they ever see this – these stories, examples and such are NOT just from my experience but my girlfriends too..) as I was saying, lately […]

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