senior year

I remember as my best friend turns 30

Naturally my best friend in the entire world was born exactly 2 weeks after me. She is also turning 30 today. I wanted to write a post to MAYBE recap our friendship 10%. It would be impossible to put in every detail or story we have ever been through or done (it would be illegal […]

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july 4th!

4th of July weekend. One of my favorite holidays… actually besides Christmas, it is my favorite holiday. I had a fun but busy weekend. Thursday night I went to the Dierks Bentley concert, Friday went on the boat with some of my friends and his family, Saturday I went to a cookout and then to […]

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a simple fix.

I am sitting on my mama’s couch in North Carolina wanting to write a blog so bad. There is so much on my mind, so much I want to say and so much I enjoy writing about. I’ve started 4 different drafts of various topics but nothing is jiving right now. It’s crazy how that […]

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National Days in February!

  I know I love knowing what day it is for National days. Like, National Chocolate Day?! I decided I wanted to post each month ‘what day it is’. There are a ton to pick from but I chose my favorite. I will post a photo on my instagram that captures that day in my […]

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infused detox water

lemon & mint infused water one of my personal favorites.. it is seriously so good.. Not to mention good for you! benefits: lemon and mint are both great for the digestive track. Mint helps cramped stomach muscles, also helps your body digest more effectively. cut your lemon in slices – I like mine cut in […]

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Fab Finds!

I wanted to share a few fab finds that I have found lately. Because, what else is the point of my blog?? I ordered some super cute magnets from Print Studio. They have an iPhone app and they are on twitter, instagram and facebook. SO cute – you can go through and select your photo’s and […]

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what’s in my makeup bag?

ok, so I did a ‘whats in my bag’ a few weeks ago covering what was in my purse. Well, it’s time for my make up bag..  I am always looking for new products to try to make myself look or feel better or both. I am not even going to act like I am […]

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