sh*t guys say

we’ve all had those guys say stuff to us that we legit can’t believe they said. feel free to submit random stupid shit guys have said to you and i’ll post them here. 😉

“if I gave you herpes, we’re going to have to get married.”

(when talking about his ex but dating another girl) “My ex is the  hottest girl I’ll ever get. I already know that”

“I think it’s impossible for people to be monogamous for their whole life. At some point we all are going to cross the line and cheat” (During the exclusive talk)

“I wish your boobs looked more like hers”

“when your legs look as good as hers, then we’ll get you a pair of shorts like that”

“I love you, but not enough to stop F’ing other women”

“my buddies are all single, so I’m gonna spend valentines day with them instead” (after dating this person for 3 years)

“no girls allowed on new years eve. Do something with your friends”

“no, you cant come with. Why would I bring sand to the beach?”

(after being caught in the act of cheating.. 5 years into the relationship) “I guess I’m not ready for commitment.”

“Are you going to eat all of that?”

“yes, I meant to send that text to you. Autocorrect must have messed up the name”

“as a belated birthday gift I would be honored to take you out to eat if your available/interested? sorry I had to resort to facebook messaging” (yes, he put your instead of you’re, and this was after the girl already said she was dating someone else exclusively)

“I want to be with you but things are complicated and you are too good for me and         probably wont be around when I’m ready” (guy is married, he didn’t tell the girl he           was trying to date, she found out on social media)

“I don’t want to sleep with you (like have sex) I just want to sleep with you (like snuggle).”





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