My lame March post…

I know I have been MIA and haven’t blogged in over a MONTH. I am the worst.. obviously my dating life has slowed down from a disaster standpoint. Mike and I are doing great, living with each other, learning each other, me getting annoyed at the toilet paper on the sink counter instead of the […]

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blanket, wine, and white tushes

I have a friend, Carrie Kidem, who is crazy. But fun. But she is crazy.. A girl we all wish we could be more like. Trust me.. Carrie is dating a guy off and on but they literally have the best stories ever, well she does anyway. For my blog, obviously I’m always looking for […]

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Meet me by the coffee pot..

Work life/home life balance… is there a such thing? The average American, works a lot. We spend most of our lives working. Being a grown up is fun. Who signed us up for this?? But when you work all of the time and you are single chances are you’ll meet some singles at work too. […]

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