blanket, wine, and white tushes

I have a friend, Carrie Kidem, who is crazy. But fun. But she is crazy.. A girl we all wish we could be more like. Trust me.. Carrie is dating a guy off and on but they literally have the best stories ever, well she does anyway. For my blog, obviously I’m always looking for […]

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girls night IN!

This week I paired up with one of my best friends who is (hands down!) one of the best chef’s of all time. The girl can bake, cook, and sauté like it’s her job. It isn’t.. but it should be! She and I wanted to create a fun post of 10 Ideas for a Girls […]

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I have had a few people ask me about the birchbox post. I added it under the “neat things” tab but figured I would publish a post too. Below you will find my original post about it but since that post I actually have received mine and so far.. so good! ; ) Also, a […]

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