dark chocolate peanut butter banana bites

OH my gosh…. yall! these are absolutely amazing… and easy! what you need: banana dark chocolate peanut butter cupcake papers melt the chocolate in a pot… make sure you stir constantly bc it burns QUICK! I got the dove dark chocolate candy bc it melts perfectly. pour a little bit in the bottom of the […]

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Fab Finds!

I wanted to share a few fab finds that I have found lately. Because, what else is the point of my blog?? I ordered some super cute magnets from Print Studio. They have an iPhone app and they are on twitter, instagram and facebook. SO cute – you can go through and select your photo’s and […]

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love is in the air!

February 14th.. a day some people dread and some people live for. Me? I’m just in the neutral area.. if we go big, great! If we stay home and eat pizza and watch a movie? great too! So let’s back thinks up for a second… my boyfriend works with me. Yes, like 2 cubes over […]

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whats in my bag?

I always see blog posts about ‘whats in my bag?’ and I usually end up buying 1 or 2 or..5 things I saw in that persons ‘bag’. So I wanted to do my own! Starting with the obvious.. my Michael Kors Hamilton Satchel in luggage.. got it for Christmas and I LOVE it! Such a cute […]

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