Southern Roots – Part Two

Annoying that I have a part 2 but since nothing good comes easy why wouldn’t there be a hiccup? Right? 🙂 Well, it was supposed to open last week but since it is new construction, and we all have watched the HGTV network and know something always comes up, why would this be any different? […]

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southern roots – part 1

This post was written a couple of weeks ago. Lots of changes have come, to be expected, but I wanted to share part one with you. I’ll post part two on Tuesday. 😉   Six more days. Six more long days. For what? Right? It’s been 2 weeks since I signed a lease on my […]

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Hair Daze

Another hair post. Sorry friends 🙂 Well, this blog is dating and hair I guess. Haha all over the place, much like myself. As you know I am back in the salon fulltime and loving every minute of it. We have Customer Appreciation week and it kicks off TODAY so I thought it was fitting […]

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