old relationships, new habits.

The newness in a relationship. Don’t you love it? Don’t you love when you cant help but want to spend every second together? Don’t you love how your new boyfriend is trying to impress you so he keeps the house clean, does his own laundry and is overly trying to win you over? But most […]

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I am so annoyed. I had an entire 3 paragraph blog typed up recapping my first week on tinder and my computer restarted and I lost the whole thing. Literally the first week was kind of brutal. I had one guy pick a fight with me about Jesus and religion and another guy tell me […]

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the heart of the matter

A dating post because I clearly am a master. But really… I feel like lately (and to go ahead and throw out a disclaimer so people don’t get pissy if they ever see this – these stories, examples and such are NOT just from my experience but my girlfriends too..) as I was saying, lately […]

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