Living Room

home is where the heart is..

I wanted to do a blog post on my house and the cool items I have found along the way. I love St. Pete for the simple fact they have the cutest and most unique stores to buy the most amazing furniture/decor! It might have taken me a couple of months but finally my apartment is […]

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DIY: $20 table refinished for $10

I recently moved into my new apartment and I have taken on a few DIY projects. I love DIY especially when you find awesome affordable nice furniture for $20. I found this table for my living room and I wanted to bring a little bit of color into the room since most of my furniture […]

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whats in my bag?

I always see blog posts about ‘whats in my bag?’ and I usually end up buying 1 or 2 or..5 things I saw in that persons ‘bag’. So I wanted to do my own! Starting with the obvious.. my Michael Kors Hamilton Satchel in luggage.. got it for Christmas and I LOVE it! Such a cute […]

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